Your gifts in support of Art Masterpiece help us turn Madison classrooms into fine art museums, filled with hundreds of creative young minds at work.


"Art Masterpiece is a point of pride for the Madison district and a cherished tradition. It provides students with a sense of connectedness to the world around them, which is important as globalization increases."

Parent of 6th Grader at Madison Meadows



Supporters of the Madison Education Foundation - people like you - value the Art Masterpiece program which has been cherished in the Madison schools for over 30 years. With an inventory of nearly 200 separate works of art, our students are exposed to fine art -- some of the finest in the world. The children learn about the artists who created these masterpieces and the time and place in which the artists lived. The students then become artists themselves through an art project that echoes the piece about which they have just learned. Through Art Masterpiece, their classrooms become art museums. In their minds, the children can travel to France, Spain, New York or Africa. Your gifts in support of Art Masterpiece will guarantee that we can continue to expand the worlds of our students and offer this valued program for the next school year.


"Art Masterpiece presentations enhance and expand the learning for both language arts and social studies. Reading standards for Informational Texts ask students to "compare and contrast works of text with other media ... using the same language to discuss a photograph or painting that we use to discuss a historical document or essay." 

Mrs. D
Language Arts Teacher at Madison No. 1



"Learning about classic works of art is a break from the normal routine, sparks alternative thinking and enhances a child's perspective of the world because it teaches a time and place in history and offers information on a culture. Plus the kids' enthusiasm for the Nike of Samothrace clay project was off-the-charts!"
Art Masterpiece parent volunteer at Camelview